söndag 25 mars 2012

Jung; Kerberos/Anubis i drömtydning.


Har hittat en riktigt intressant uttydning av en dröm i Michael Fordhams bok "Jungian psychotherapy - a study in analytical psychology". Senare, i tolkningen, finns både ett stressat barnlöst par - urin som i graviditetstest - det underjordiskt garage och Kerberos/Anubis som vaktar det underjordiska garaget. Håll till godo!

"The patient was a man in his thirties who seldom remembered his dreams. At the interview that I shall describe he started by saying that he had had a dream: it ran as follows: My wife is riding a bicycle down a slope to a large empty underground garage. I follow in a car and park it in the garage. My wife urinates at the entrance. A huge dog appears. The dog gets into the car but I pull him out. The dog gets in again, once more I pull him out, and I shut the car door. My wife and I then walk up the slope."

Kom ihåg det viktiga (som Fordham påpekar) - "Analysis means: The resolution of anything complex into its simple elements."


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